Wednesday, August 1, 2012

PAC - Who is Contributing to the Lake Oswego Candidates?

To All COLA LO Members,

Over time COLA looks at the contributors and supporters of those running for elected office.   Its a regular review item for the board as we enter an election year.    

We thought it would be interesting for all members to take a look at the contributors and supporters of the candidates running for office in Lake Oswego.   So here they are:

Greg Macpherson Committee id 15485.  
Kent Studebaker Committee id 15861

City Council
 Bill Tierney   ID 13233
Dan Williams ID 14655
Jon Gustafson ID 15868
Skip O'Neill ID 15855

Key Political Action Committees in Lake Oswego:

KLOG - Keep Lake Oswego Great   ID 13290
LOCAL - Lake Oswego Citizens Action League   ID 15492
LO Stewards -Lake Oswego Stewards ID 14366.

It is fairly clear who is winning the fund raising effort in the fall 2012 election but its very early in the race.    What most residents don't know are the details on the supporters behind candidates.

We hope this posting can be used as a reference for supporters throughout the campaign into the fall election and will update our posting as more candidates announce.  

 Please notify all members, friends, and contacts.  

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