Tuesday, August 14, 2012

LO Campaign Finance Update

To All COLA LO Members,

Its time to keep an eye on the supporters of the various candidates as the elections for City Council and Mayor are only 80+ days away.  

We often ask who is winning the fundraising race and who is supporting the candidates?   So far the race is clearly being won by two candidates:

 City Council   Bill Tierney Summary   ID 13233
 Mayor  Greg Macpherson Committee ID 15485

Bill Tierney has raised nearly $3K  while Greg Macpherson has raised a whopping $30K even before the deadline for candidates to file has been reached.  The remaining candidates finance activity can be found at:
Kent Studebaker Committee id 15861,Dan Williams ID 14655, Jon Gustafson ID 15868, and
Skip O'Neill ID 15855.

 As we stated in our earlier posts PAC's are playing an even wider role in local elections this year in Lake Oswego.   The details on PAC fundraising and operations are very insightful and the COLA board has completed a multi year review of various organizations.   The details on the campaign finance activity for the major PAC's are below.   

The clear winner in terms of fundraising is LOCAL LOCAL Summary, but they seem to have burned through the majority of their funds before the election even starts?  

Key Political Action Committees in Lake Oswego:

KLOG - Keep Lake Oswego Great   ID 13290
LOCAL - Lake Oswego Citizens Action League   ID 15492
LO Stewards -Lake Oswego Stewards ID 14366.

We hope this posting can be used as a reference for supporters throughout the campaign into the fall election and we will update our posting as more candidates announce.  

 Please notify all members, contacts,  and friends.  

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