Friday, August 10, 2012

Lake Oswego Businessman Makes National News For Political Sign

To All COLA LO Members,

Yesterday the Lake Oswego Businessman threatened for his political sign made the national news.    Kevin the Geek who posted a political sign and received visits from both the LOPD and city enforcement staff seems to be fighting back.   

 It seems Lake Oswego is making the national news.   The video can be found at LO Business Political Sign Draws Attention

 In it the business owner claims the thought police are preventing free speech in the community.    He has received hate comments but also an outpouring of support.  

Its an interesting situation and one that is drawing some debate within the community across the political spectrum.     Is this just another example of the "Clackastani rebellion" or is it a more local issue exhibiting another side of the community?  Only time will tell but its certainly having an impact nationwide.  

Please notify all members contacts and friends.   

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