Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oregonian PolitiFact Says LO Resident & County Commisioner Lininger's Claims including those in a Direct Mail piece are False on 3-386

To all Cola LO Members,

It seems we may have a question in terms of recent claims regarding initiative 3-386 and their credibility as communicated by a county commissioner.    

Politifact recently reviewed a claim by county Commissioner and Lake Oswego resident Ann Lininger on citizen driven ballot initiative 3-386.  

In their analysis they clearly state that Commissioner Lininger's claims and those of a recent direct mail piece are absolutely FALSE and misleading to the voters.   False Claims on 3-386 to support 3-388.

This is consistent with the fact that county commissioner's developed ballot initiative 3-388 to mislead voters and oppose the citizen driven measure in a 3-1 vote (savas against).   

Its disturbing given the position and the facts but its consistent with clackamas county commissioners opposing all recent citizen driven initiatives in an attempt to limit county residents from voting on new fees and taxes that apply to ALL county residents. 

There seems to be a basic philosophy to prevent residents from voting on taxes and fees which are often hidden in tax statements.  This was the case with the recent Vehicle Registration Fee proposal which was approved by the commission and then overturned by residents 2:1.  

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.  


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