Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jack Bog bloggers claim "Bizzard of Lies Continues" on Streetcar

To all COLA LO Members,

A post on Jack Bog's blog today provides for an interesting perspective.  In the post he claims that now that the streetcar survey is in and that residents don't want the survey, the pro streetcar group is coming back to doctor up the "Liars Budget" on the streetcar.   

Its clear that the City Council refuses to accept the details of the survey where 82% of respondents claimed that the Streetcar was not a priority item versus fixing streets.    The council voted to continue spending money on the project last spring in a 4-3 vote.   

The blog entry can be found at:   Blizzard of Lies   It includes readers comments on the project and article which provide insightful perspective on the history of these projects in nearby Portland.     Please notify all members, contacts, and friends...

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