Friday, November 18, 2011

LO Review Article on Streetcar Produces Irate Citizen Comments

To All COLA LO Members,

This week the LO review reported on the progress of the streetcar project after the recent survey by a consultant paid for by the city council.   The article can be found at: Streetcar stays on track.   The Councils remarks and the article have brought out enormous criticism from residents online.  

The details can be found in the article online.    It seems citizens are quite upset that the council ignores the results of the survey based on their online comments.   Residents were also critical of the review for pulling a previous article but the review has responded to their concerns on line.  

This is very emotionally charged issue within the community as the city council continues to spend taxpayer dollars on the project despite the results of the survey.

Council members Keho and Olson have suggested terminating funding for the project but they received little support from the remaining council members besides Councilor Gudman.     Mayor Hoffman and others are committed to continue spending funds on the project combined with the Foothills plan. 

TV Channel KATU Documented all views on the matter this week including deep concerns about the willingness of local government to listen to its citizens.   THe video can be found at: KATU Streetcar Concerns.

Please notify all members,contacts, and friends.   

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