Thursday, November 10, 2011

Clackamas County Commisioner Ann Lininger Continues to Endorse Urban Renewal Without a Vote Of all Residents.

To all COLA LO Members,  

On Tuesday Residents passed the Citizen Driven Urban Renewal Initiative Measure 3-386 soundly.

This was despite the fact that LO resident and county Commissioner Ann Lininger approved and then supported a competing measure 3-388 designed to confuse voters and limit the vote on all Urban Renewal projects. 

Measure 3-386 passed with an overwhelming majority and now requires that all Urban Renewal projects and subsequent taxes be passed by ALL county residents.  

Commissioner Lininger's comments and her search for additional fees and taxes can be found at the following Oregonian article:   Clackamas Residents Require a Vote.

Once again the LO Review came out against 3-386 and for the commissioner sponsored measure that would limit a vote and once again the effort to limit your vote was defeated by residents.   

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