Friday, June 3, 2011

Councilor Tierney to Reverse Position on Franchise Fee (TAX) Increase? Article in the Oregonian claims this may be the case after Solution found by Councilor Olson.

To all COLA LO Members,

 A recent article in the Oregonian indicates that Councilor Bill Tierney is now reconsidering his vote for a significant increase in the franchise (utility) fees he voted for to support LOSD.    He claims that he has received significant opposition to the vote from local citizens.   

It seems Councilor Mary Olson came to the rescue with a suggestion that would avoid the need for a fee increase on both Lake Oswego Residents and businesses.  

The City Council voted for significant Franchise Fee (Tax) increases earlier this year in a 4-3 vote,  With Councilors Kehoe,Gudman, and Olson voting against the tax increase  and Councilors Hoffman, Moncrief, Jordan, and Tierney voting to increase fees to both citizens and businesses.  

The Oregonian article can be found at the following link:

Many residents are wondering if this is a transition away form the Gang of Four voting block on the old city council just before the upcoming elections in 2012?    Time will tell as the votes are tallied over the next 18 months.

Please notify all members,contacts, and friends.   

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