Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Council & County Commisioners Take the Oath of Office

To All COLA LO members,

Change is taking place across Clackamas County and in Lake Oswego this week as the impact of the November 2012 election is finally being implemented.    Many members continued to question why representatives aren't sworn in immediately following the election.  

This was particularly true in Lake Oswego where a lame duck council rammed through fee increases and programs late into the night a week before Christmas continuing the consternation of citizens in the community under the Hoffman administration.   

Last night Board members and many COLA members attended the ceremonies for both Commissioner Tootie Smith and Chair John Ludlow at the oath of office function in Oregon City.    COLA members and board actively assisted both commissioners in their campaign efforts. 

Tonight the new LO City Council will be sworn in at 7pm at City Hall.    All members are invited and the COLA Board will attend to support our endorsed candidates Kent Studebaker (Mayor), Karen Bowerman ( Councilor), and Skip O'Neill (councilor)   as has been our tradition.   Four new members of the council will be sworn in tonight.

Tonight begins the official starting point of the Studebaker administration in Lake Oswego.  All COLA members wish this council immediate success given their new task of unwinding the wasted expenditures of previous administrations and redirecting current resources to core city services.   It will be a difficult task given the past policies.   

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends of the ceremony tonight at 7pm in our City Hall.       

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