Saturday, June 18, 2011

Councilor Olson Questions Mayor Hoffman's Direction on Streetcar and Priorities

To all COLA LO Members,

City Councilor Mary Olson released articles for both the LO Review and Oregonian this week.  The articles seriously question the intent of Mayor Hoffman's actions on the Streetcar vote and his priorities.    The article is very detailed and challenges the intent of some of the recent actions regarding the streetcar.    Councilor Olson also questions statements made by the consultants questioning the $458 million price tag by saying that the cost estimates came form the consultants themselves.  

She also states that the mayor has held up the survey the council voted on to determine the view of the streetcar in the community. These are serious comments and deserve additional review by all residents.   The complete article can be found at:

One would assume Mayor Hoffman will respond to the comments published in both newspapers so residents can determine the merits of the claims and be more informed as we approach the 2012 election.

Please notify all members,contacts, and friends of this important debate.

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