Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Councilor Tierney Raises Taxes - Reverses Position Again!

To all Cola LO Members,

The Oregonian reports that once again Councilor Bill Tierney voted to raise the taxes of residents and businesses after electing not to allow a vote to repeal the franchise fee increase on utilities.   The Citizens Budget Committee recommending repealing the fee increase and reducing expenditures to offset the fee increase after six weeks of deliberations.


At that time Councilor Tierney indicated he had heard the wrath of voters against the Franchise tax increase and Councilor Mary Olson proposed a solution to allow for NO TAX INCREASE on Lake Oswego Residents.   Tierney appeared to embrace the alternative and voted for it as a member of the Budget Committee.  

When the council voted on the budget he supported raising Taxes and increasing spending as a result of the increased tax revenue or the Franchise Fee Tax.  

Councilor Olson was livid about Tierney's reversal and the resulting increase in taxes to both citizens and businesses in Lake Oswego.  She stated that he should have provided notice to the other council members for discussion given that the CBC supported the no tax increase and reduced spending proposal.  

Once again though the final vote was 4-3 for the increased tax and increased spending budget versus the proposal from the citizens budget committee.   The vote clearly shows that the "Gang of Four" (Hoffman-Tierney-Moncrief-Jordan)  is voting as a block and ignoring citizen input.   

Councilor Tierney's vote clearly shows his position after solutions were identified to prevent tax increases. 

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends of this important vote.  Your taxes will increase in 2011-2012 if you reside or own a business in Lake Oswego.  

Councilor Tierney is up for re-election in 2012.  

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