Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Will Voter Turnout Determine the LOSD School Board Members?

To All COLA LO Members,

The LO School District Board election is well underway with ballots out now for approximately two weeks.    Two seats have opposing candidates and the battle has heated up recently in both races.  

Kevin Robertson and Sarah Howell are opposing each other with very active Internet campaigns (Robertson)  and direct mail efforts (Howell & Robertson).    Its deemed to be the most competitive race in the election right now by many observers within the community.     

At the same time the John Wendland and Karen Delaney race seems rather tame with limited direct mail efforts and very limited signage by Wendland while Delaney has signs across the city.    

The contrasts between the two races couldn't be more stark given the resource levels dedicated to the different campaigns.  

 Many believe Wendland and Robertson have broad support across the community and are the likely winners along with Elizabeth Hartman who is running unopposed.   

However one detail may make a huge impact on the two competitive races.   Voter turnout was projected to be low at 28-32% in a mid off year election.   Rumor has it that some candidates are also receiving partisan support in the LOSD election.  That may make a major difference in terms of who actually votes for the LOSD candidates.   Who will the more likely voters actually choose?  

Only time will tell......

Its important to remember that only 30% of households in LO have school age children and the latest information shows that voter participation is much lower than expected.  

Projections so far are that only 13-16% of voters have cast their ballots in our vote by mail system within the district.    That is quite low for an election where ballots must be in by Tuesday.    

Its certainly an interesting year in terms of elections.    Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.   

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