Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Unofficial Results are in for LOSD Board - Some Surprises in the Details!

To All Cola LO Members,

The unofficial results are in and analyzed by COLA  board members last night.    The results prove to be very insightful when looking at the details across the 3 counties that vote for LOSD school board members.   A couple of surprises came out of this unique election cycle when you look at the unofficial results and the efforts of the candidates.  

As expected the Sarah Howell - Kevin Robertson race was the most contested race in this election.    The results show that Howell won 51.63% versus 47.90% or by around 331 votes.   Total votes 8877.

 This race had the highest voter participation rate in the election.    This is likely due to the partisan support received by the winner of the election and a concerted get out the vote campaign.   Howell appears to have won in two of the three counties voting in the election.  This was despite the enormous number of high profile endorsements for Robertson.   

A surprise came from the Wendland-Delaney race.    Under voting occurred in this race with 6% less voters participating in it compared to the Howell-Robertson race.    This may be due to the lack of signage and get out the vote support for the candidates in this race. 

However,  despite the under voting  Wendland received only 100 votes less than Howell!   Showing strong support for the incumbent Chair of the board.    The unofficial results are 53.64% for Wendland and 45.86% for Delaney.    Total votes 8358.

Voters were much less enthusiastic about having an unopposed candidate and often decided not to vote in the Hartman race.    Under voting was 23.42% in this race with 2079 less voters participating in it as compared to the Howell-Robertson race.    6679 votes were cast for Hartman in her election victory.   

Overall the election provides insight into the minds of the voters within the school district boundaries.     Voters prefer races which are contested and despite many concerns the incumbent chair has strong support while the change mandate is still a very real phenomenon in the minds of voters.

With the election of both Howell and Hartman, many expect LOSD to begin implementing changes in direction when a new Superintendent arrives.    Only time will tell how this new board governs the LO School District.

Overall voter participation was as expected with 28% in Clackamas county, 32% in Multnomah, and 30% in Washington county.    

Predictions were exactly for a 28-32% voter participation rate.   

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.     

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