Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clackamas County Election Results are In (with some surprises)

To All COLA LO Members,

Clackamas County Election Results are in and the results provide some surprises with a clear direction overall.   The details can be found at the County Clerks election results page County Election Results.  

 It seems one decision has been made and two seats will have a runoff with distinct candidates in the Fall.   this provides county residents with another opportunity to identify the direction of the county and the priorities. 

  1. Martha Schrader won a seat with 51.9% of the vote beating Jim Knapp with 30%.
  2. John Ludlow with 28.7% will face incumbent Charlotte Lehan with 26.7% of the vote.
  3. Tootie Smith with 35.1% of the vote will face incumbent Jamie Damon with 36.2% of the vote.  
The fall race for the county commissioner's seats will provide some interesting insight into the mindset of Clackamas County voters.    The Oregonian provides a perspective on the race in a recent article Clackamas County Divided.

Thanks to all the COLA LO members that participated in the election by submitting their ballots or volunteering for a candidate's campaign.   

It appears voter turnout was approximately 35%  Please notify all members, contacts, and friends...

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