Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Citizens Irate Over Lawsuit?

To All COLA LO Members,

This week as it was announced that a planning commission member is suing the city of Lake Oswego and indirectly its residents, citizens began to weigh in with their opinions.  

It appears that residents aren't too happy that an appointed member of an important board can file a lawsuit against the people they are representing.   

One citizen posted online this week:
Me, my husband, my neighbors that I have spoken with, and even my kids in high school who overheard us talking, have all said the same thing- "how can Prager sue the very people that he has been hired to represent?" How can Mr. Prager legally, morally or ethically sue the people that he was appointed to serve? Conflict of interest is an understatement here!For Mr. Prager to ask for a jury trial to inflict the maximum amount of pain and cost against the defendant (us tax paying citizens of Lake Oswego), and then for Mr. Prager to accuse the city that he works for of gross misconduct- say what? Mr. Prager openly trespassed onto private property and took a swim from a city banned location from a City owned Park and then boasted about breaking and violating a Park Rule and he wants to be held in high regard as a trusted council member with a great amount of power, while exposing his character of openly boasting about breaking "his" City's Rules? This aside, Mr. Prager then has the audacity to sue his constituents, and we should all stand by and have this kind of an immoral individual represent our interests? Ethics and morals have no place in Mr. Prager's vocabulary. Mr. Prager certainly cares nothing about his constituents’ desires or wishes and he has no regard for the City of Lake Oswego's rules. Mr. Prager needs to be brought before the state and before an ethics committee for his egregious actions. Mr. Prager scares me and I don't trust a thing about this man. What is his true agenda? I think that Mr. Prager wants public lake access, so that he then can outlaw power boats on the lake because it would become overcrowded and unsafe, so that he can then have his personal rowing club for him and his buddies, at a huge cost to this City and its citizens. Mr. Prager has already exhibited that he doesn't care what the citizens of this fine City care about or think. Mr. Prager is a loose cannon and he is extremely dangerous. Why is Mr. Prager not being ticketed $1200 for his boasting about his trespassing into the Lake from prohibited Park access? Why is Mr. Prager allowed to still be a representative of the citizens of this City? This is a conflict of interest to sue the people you were appointed to represent. What a joke!!!  "Bring Prager before the State on Ethics Violations"

Some details of the lawsuit can be found at LO Lawsuit - Lake Access . Access.  and also Federal Lawsuit..  We leave it to the readers to make up their own minds on the merits of the arguments and the public comments.  

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.  

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