Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is the new $230 million (LO-Tigard) water system in trouble?

To All COLA LO Members,

The Review has published an article showing a serious oversight in the planning process for the new LO-Tigard Water Agreement project. It appears the city did not review limitations on expansions within the neighborhood of the plant in West Linn.  

The city is now paying $1000 per household to have waivers signed for residents in the West Linn community. As some are aware the project is preliminarily estimated to be approximately $230 million in total cost. 

Will this impact citizens in terms of additional increases in water rates?  

The article can be found at:

2008 Mayoral Candidate and LONAC Chairperson John Surrett wrote an article on the project last year. The article can be found at:

Tigard citizens just began experiencing the tax increases (fee increases) for the project and will see much more over the next 4 years as their rates double or more.   Comments show some opposition in a recent article:

West Linn residents rejected a similar improvement in their water system this past election.   Lake Oswego residents were not given the opportunity to vote on the project.

please notify all members and contacts....

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