Saturday, February 12, 2011

City Council reconsiders WEB as a long term asset

TO All COLA LO Members,

The Lake Oswego Review is reporting that the council will now reconsider the WEB as a long term asset.  This comes after a survey which clearly shows what voters and COLA LO have been saying for more than a year, there isn't any support for massive investment in the WEB.  After spending $20 million the WEB has declined in value by $10 million and citizens aren't willing to spend $40-80 million on the building.   

The story can be found at:

Some members of the council wanted to delay a bond measure and were in denial on the results of the survey. This has been going on for nearly five years as the prior council continued to hold onto the building as its value declined and they proposed massive investments in the WEB.

We encourage all members to review the story and observe the council session on line. Councilors Kehoe, Gudman, and Olson strongly positioned that a resolution of the WEB issue was required this year.    Councilor Tierney showed some support for a resolution.  

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