Friday, December 3, 2010

Donna Jordan comments on supporting increased taxes

Donna Jordan issued the following response to an article in the Clackamas Review this week about whether county residents should pay for a bridge in another county. Her response to the article at this link is below:

Re: Should you pay for this bridge?
Yes, I was at the hearing and testified in favor of the $5 per vehicle, per year, fee after canvassing the other six members of Lake Oswego's City Council regarding their position on this new fee. All seven of us supported this modest investment to replace a bridge that rates a "2" on the 100 point safety scale. Most folks in Troutdale don't use this bridge, but they now pay $19 per vehicle per year in support of replacing the bridge. I believe that the safety of our citizens is worth investing in since 70% of the traffic over the bridge comes from Clackamas County.

"Donna Jordan"

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