Thursday, December 9, 2010

Several COLA - LO Board members submit guest opinions to Lake Oswego Review

To all COLA LO Members,
Several Board Members submitted "Guest Opinion"  articles to the Lake Oswego Review this week.  The focus of these submissions was on issues involving the core principles of the group and the governance process of the council moving forward in 2011.  
The City Council has scheduled a number of key meetings during the "lame duck" session of this council just before the holidays.    These meetings involve key issues to the community and COLA LO encourages everyone to participate.   The timing of the meetings is poor and many believe they are designed to limit input from the community.
Several other citizens submitted articles asking for more transparency and fiscal responsibility with the new council in 2011 which is consistent with the election results and citizen concerns.
All articles can be found at:
Dave Berg wrote an article on key issues facing the council in 2011 and perhaps changing the process-focus of  efforts to ensure a cooperative council.

Gary Gipson wrote an article on Donna Jordan's testimony supporting increased LO resident taxes for a bridge that is not located in Lake Oswego or Clackamas county.

Dave Luck wrote an article asking citizens to participate in the sensitive lands hearing next week to support the property rights of individual citizens.

The new council meets for the first time on 1/4/11 with endorsed members Mike Kehoe and Jeff Gudman being sworn in as new councilors. 
Please inform all members and contacts.

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