Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lake Oswego City Council approves Sensitive Lands Ordinance despite overwhelming testimony against the proposed program


The LO city Council last night passed its sensitive lands ordinance in a vote of 6-1 despite overwhelming opposition in testimony. More than one hundred citizens packed the city council chamber with many standing in the hall or against the walls to show opposition to the ordinance which severely restricts citizen property rights on upland properties but exempts the lake (and does not affect any City Council members or City Staff).   

Testimony was almost universally against the ordinance - excluding three non residents likely brought in to testify for the proposed rules – and a single LO citizen. The council chose not to listen to the testimony but pass the new program rules to meet the artificial schedule imposed by METRO (which could be modified).  

Councilors Tierney, Jordan, Vizzini, Hennagin, Moncrief, and Mayor Hoffman, all voted for the property rights restrictions, while councilor Olson voted against it. This is a lame duck session of the council where councilor Hennagin was soundly defeated and councilor Vizzini’s temporary position was filled in the November election. The Council chose to vote on the measure because the two newly elected councilors would not support it when sworn in on January 4th.   

Councilors Moncrieff, Tierney, and Olson will be up for reelection in 2012 as will Mayor Hoffman. COLA LO has documented their respective votes on the ordinance, and their actions leading up to the vote.  

The actual council session and vote can be observed online at:

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