Sunday, July 28, 2013

Will Lake Oswego Now Have the Highest Water Rates of Any Small City in the Nation?

To All COLA LO members,

Last week the city council approved the issuance of more than $100 million in new debt to pay for the LO-Tigard Water Project.   This is double the amount of the historical debt of the city of Lake Oswego.   Council Authorizes sale of $101 million

Ironically at the same time the Oregonian published an article on the costs of Portland Water citing that Portland was ranked the 5th most expensive city in the Nation for water!   The article can be found at Are Pet Projects to Blame for Portland Water Rates?

Historically Lake Oswego has ranked #2 behind Portland in terms of the most expensive cities for water.    Would this now rank Lake Oswego as the MOST EXPENSIVE small city in the country for water rates?   

We think this may be the case.    No wonder people are concerned about moving to LO and many seniors are now moving out!   What is our council doing to lower water rates?    Well effective July 1 they actually increased them another 12%

All of this has residents asking themselves if this council is really doing all it can to reduce the impact on LO residents for what many consider a questionable project.    Only time will tell but its clear the cost of living in LO is quickly growing beyond the means of many residents. 

With another election only 15 months away, this council has very limited time to make the right decisions.     It will be very interesting to see if it continues to increase the cost of living to its citizens.   

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.   

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