Saturday, July 6, 2013

Will Our Council Really Ever Deal with the WEB?

To ALL COLA LO Members,

This past week the community was informed that the council would vote on a plan to re-zone the WEB to make it more attractive to potential buyers.  Council Takes Step   Its ironic as over the past 7 years the city council hasn't been able to address the debacle that has been the WEB.

After purchasing the building for $20 million under the "tax and spend" regime for Mayor Hammerstad the administration of more "tax & spend" Mayor Hoffman  just ignored the "white elephant" .   The building costs taxpayers $1 million a year in loan payments and has cost much more in terms of operating costs.  

Over the past five years its become the defacto "recreation community center"  that Mayor Hammerstad wanted.  How?

Recreation and Childcare programs in the WEB are now costing taxpayers millions in general fund expenditures each year.     Its been going on for years with no real attention to the costs incurred by the city and to the taxpayers.  

At what point will the city council finally put an end to the millions lost in taxpayer funds?    Only time will tell but the WEB has effectively forced changes on the city council over successive elections.   

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.   


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