Tuesday, February 5, 2013

COLA Board Members Continue to Publish Articles on Local Government

To All COLA LO Members,

Board members continue to be active in evaluating the actions of our local government over the past few weeks.   This is particularly important given the transition to a new administration and the negative bias that seems to appear in the media lately.  

COLA has reported the media bias against this administration as have other blogs.    However board members are taking a longer term view to evaluate the direction of the new council.   Board member Gary Gipson wrote an article indicating the Council is off to a strong start.  

Board member Dave Berg  published an article regarding the issues the new council needs to address this year in Will LO have a better future?   

Reader letters have been both critical of the council and supportive at the same time over the past few weeks Reader Letters  and Latest Reader Letters  which may be  a positive sign of citizen engagement.  

Generally the COLA board believes that the new council is acting consistent with the mandate given to it by the voters in the November election.    The election results have been universally interpreted as a mandate for change and fiscal restraint.    However we all need to continue to evaluate the decisions of the council to ensure accountability.   

A local author wrote a piece about the changes in local and regional government and the shift toward greater fiscal responsibility.   COLA was quoted in the article:

In Lake Oswego, Citizens for Local Accountability in Lake Oswego has emerged as an important voice for fiscal responsibility in the affluent community. COLA board member David Berg explains the recent sea change in city government.“Mayor Studebaker, Ms. Bowerman, and Mr. O’Neill were elected based on concerns over our debt going from 50 million to 157 million on the previous board’s watch.” Berg says that debt is expected to rise to as much as 300 million over the next three years because of commitments made by prior administrations.
Of the new council he says, “They may try and reverse these decisions, but may have no choice due to contracts signed by the previous two mayors.”  “Council focus should be on preserving community character and respect for citizens, says Berg. “This view of public service was entirely absent in the two previous administrations. That’s why they were voted out.”

The article can be found at Duly Sworn  and Duly Sworn II.

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.  

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