Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Citizens Concerned Over Largest Project in City History

To ALL COLA LO Members,

Last week several citizens published articles regarding city debt and the LO Tigard Water Partnership.   This is the largest capital project in the city's history with estimates of approximately $250 million and LO having an approximately 50% share of the venture.    

Citizen concerns can be found at Audit of LOT Partnership  and Looming Debt. 

 Both of which illustrate the issues surrounding the LOT water partnership and its costs.   Expanding the LO water system and plant which is located in West Linn seems to have little support form West Linn residents who openly oppose it as stated in No Benefit.

The city was waiting for a decision by the west Linn City Council which came last night and surprised many West Linn Approves.    However this approval came at a $5 million price with many conditions which represents 2% of the current estimated cost of the LOT partnership.   

Only time will tell if this project is approved but the costs continue to escalate as the city continues to spend funds on the overall effort and design.   

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.   

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