Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Council Begins to Implement Change

To All COLA LO Members,  

Last night the new council begin to implement the new agenda it is bringing to Lake Oswego.     The council voted 5-2 to hire an interim city manager with strong ties to the city and who is also a Lake Oswego resident.    

The council voted to hire Tom Coffee as interim city manager for the next six months while it conducts a search for a permanent city manager.   

Tom Coffee replaces acting city manager David Donaldson who will return to his role of assistant city manager.     Last night Donaldson who is not a LO resident indicated he would not seek the permanent city managers position during the recruitment effort.  

Immediately counselor Donna Jordan objected to the proposal and claimed that Tom  Coffee's assistance with a PAC that supported the mayor and others was an issue.   This was later picked up by the media.  Her comments about transparency drew negative reactions to her from the audience after the actions taken by the former council in late December.   Councilor Gustafson who also voted against the proposal had a more muted view.   

Tom Coffee has an extensive background including 10 years with eh City of Lake Oswego as Assistant City manager and Planning Director.      His contract can be terminated at any time by the council.   The appointment begins today per the council vote.

Some details can be found at:  Council hires Interim City Manager

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends. 

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