Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Water Partnership Article attracts Board Member Comments.

To All COLA  LO Members,

A recent article by a Director at the city tries to make a strong case that the LO-Tigard Water Partnership is absolutely required as an infrastructure investment.    It argues that the $100+ Million investment by the City is a good project based on its merits.    

The tone of the article which questioned the current residents concerns over spending drew comment from two COLA LO Board Members last week.   The author states that conservation is insufficient to address the issues of the partnership and the factors driving it.  

LO Residents once again do not vote on this the largest capital project in the history of Lake Oswego.  The costs of the project are built into our utility bills and the reason water rates are increasing approximately 25% annually.   These rates are establishing a reserve fund to prove to the bond market that LO residents can be taxed sufficiently to support the bonded debt necessary to support a $100 million+ project. 
Lake Oswego rate payers are complaining about the increases  in utility rates at the same time resident water conservation is increasing.  There has been a well defined reduction in water use among residents as their water bills increase
The article including online comments can be found at:   Water Partnership

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