Sunday, July 31, 2011

Will Sam Adams impact Mayor Hoffman's election decision?

As most residents know, Sam Adams and Mayor Hoffman have a very close relationship.  Lake Oswego's Mayor has been a very strong advocate of both Portland's planning efforts and the Streetcar project from Portland to Lake Oswego.  

This week Sam Adams announced he would not run for reelection realizing it would be a very tough race given the issues that have occurred during his tenure as Mayor.   The question is how will this impact Lake Oswego and the upcoming election for 3 Councilors and the Mayor?  

Only time will tell but it will be important that all residents observe the unwinding issues that will arise from this announcement and future efforts. 

The announcement article in the Oregonian can be found at:  Mayor Hoffman supporter Sam Adams will not run for reelection as Mayor of Portland.

To be fair several of the councilors up for re election are strong supporters of  Sam Adams including councilors Moncrieff, Tierney, and Jordan (elected 2010).   This support has caused many residents to wonder if the council is autonomous or was often taking action in concert with the City of Portland's Mayor and Council.  Particularly on projects like the Streetcar, Foothills and sensitive lands ordinance (ala METRO).  

Will the Adams announcement change the direction of the Hoffman administration?

Please notify all contacts, members, and friends.    This is an important announcement in the dynamics of 2011-2012.

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