Friday, July 8, 2011

Former Council Candidate Dan Williams Corrects Letters in Lake Oswego Review

To All COLA LO Members,

Former Council Candidate Dan Williams corrected several letters written in the Lake Oswego Review last week.    In an article he states that the letters implied incorrect positions on the budget.  

He states:

"The three letters in last week’s Review were written in a way that implied that Councilors Olson, Kehoe and Gudman did not support providing city funding for the schools. That is absolutely false. In fact, the council has been in unanimous agreement on providing funding for the schools this year. Councilors Olson, Kehoe and Gudman are very well known supporters of LOSD and are firmly committed to helping the schools. City council’s disagreement was never about whether to help the school district. It was HOW to fund the $2 million. That is where the philosophical differences between council members became apparent."

Its an important correction that all COLA LO Members should be aware of as Mr. Williams is Vice Chair of the Citizens' Budget Committee.

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