Saturday, July 30, 2011

David Jorling Continues to Support Streetcar Despite Citizen Comments

To All Cola LO Members,

Former city council candidate David Jorling continues to support the Streetcar in a recent Oregonian blog article.    In the article he supports the streetcar based on the price of oil and future increases.   Citizen comment is demonstrably negative on his argument as it was in the 2010 election.

During the election he argued it would be fiscally irresponsible not to take the $458 million and spend it on the streetcar, despite the cost to LO residents.    It seems his definition of fiscal responsibility is very different than those of many LO residents.   That should be of little surprise but it merits a review by every voter before the 2012 election.   Voting for Jorling is a certain vote for the streetcar and more taxes in LO based on his current position.  

David Jorling's article can be found at:   why_conservatives_should_support_the_streetcar.html

Please notify all members contacts and friends on this article and the positions involved.

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