Thursday, September 30, 2010

COLA -LO Poll showed opinion on Candidates

To All COLA LO Members

Our preliminary candidate poll continued to show consistent support for four candidates in the city over the past month or more. As many of you know we have the ability to determine the sources of poll entries and adjust for double voting and automated or unusual "stacking"  of  participants.  

Yesterday we received advanced notice of a potential "stacking" campaign. For the next 24 hrs the candidate poll participation increased 111%. Hits were consistent and timed to target specific candidates.

Below is a summary of our poll observations. Please note that most of the poll participants in the past 24 hrs DID NOT participate in the issues or city services polls but those that did favored mass transit as an issue/service.  

Long term support:   Kehoe, Williams, Gudman, Shaw-Ryan
Support in the past 24 hrs:  Hennagin, Kehoe, Jordan, Jorling. 

We encourage all members of the community to watch the interview videos at their leisure.  

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