Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why Would a City Councilor Need an Attorney at an LO Council Meeting?

To All COLA LO Members,

Last week residents observed a highly unusual event.   One of our city councilors recused themselves from a vote on the TSP and had their attorney testify for them before the city council.    It was a highly uncomfortable and unusual event in Lake Oswego.  

COLA had several board members and members observing the council meeting all of which were surprised by the course of events.    It seems even the City Council isn't informed about how plans may impact their own properties unless staff is repeatedly asked for disclosure!  

 That doesn't hold well for a core COLA issue - Property Rights.   Every citizen should be concerned about this given the situation that took place at last Tuesday's council meeting.  

The details of the issues can be found in another blog:   No One Talks About

Many residents are using this as a classic example of poor management that embarrasses the city and some wonder if it was an intentional lack of disclosure.     Quite a few community leaders have found major issues with the TSP - Transportation Systems Plan being proposed by the planning department.  

Many are wondering how this error and the lack of disclosure could have gotten past the new City Manager Lazenby early in his tenure.    

More to come and the 6/30/14 council meeting can be viewed online at LO Streaming Media.   Look under the TSP Agenda item and public testimony.    

 Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.

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