Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Return of Streetcar?

To All COLA LO Members,

This week the city of Portland has published an interactive map of its 20 year comprehensive plan and the transportation elements.  It provides interesting insight into the minds of the Portland Planners.   Much to the chagrin of many in LO one project appears again.  You got it right the Streetcar!  

The map proposes a streetcar line to Johns Landing which we all know is just a phase away from the old Portland to Lake Oswego streetcar proposal that wasted millions in taxpayer dollars.

The latest article on the issue can be found in the Oregonian Streetcars to Johns Landing.  

Many in the community believe that the proposed Wizer development in Lake Oswego is the anchor to justifying light rail to Lake Oswego.    Its clear here in this publication that the Portland planners are certainly looking like that may be the case, despite recent revelations by the city of Portland auditor that streetcar is fraught with problems.  

Here is a quote from the article:

"Streetcar and light rail: The city's map includes three potential streetcar routes headed by the Bureau of Transportation. There's an $80 million extension through Johns Landing, a $70 million extension to Hollywood along Sandy Boulevard and a $65 million extension along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Killingsworth Street. Beyond that, the map still accounts for a $300 million light rail extension to Vancouver, even though the Columbia River Crossing is supposedly dead."

The interactive MAP can be found at : 2035 Plan.  

All of this disclosure is occurring at the same time the community debates the proposed Wizer block development.    Please notify all members, contacts and friends.   

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