Thursday, March 20, 2014

COLA LO Members Strongly Oppose the "Unruly Ordinance" And Communicate it to the Council

To All COLA LO members,

This past month COLA LO members including the board vehemently opposed the "unruly gathering" ordinance brought to council for consideration.     This was an ordinance that originally proposed to violate the civil rights of our citizens and included the confiscation of private property.  

It was deeply disturbing to members and the board that the city council would even consider such an ordinance after it was strongly opposed and shelved by the Clackamas County Commission.   COLA board members lobbied the commission and personally spoke to commissioners during their review.  

Its clear such an ordinance not only would violate our civil rights but would also lend itself to abuse and "arbitrary and capricious" enforcement within the city.     The original rule designated that a gathering of only FIVE people could constitute an "unruly gathering".    

Given that the ordinance was shelved and strongly opposed by groups at the county level, why did this ordinance ever see the light of day in Lake Oswego?

That's something many citizens are now asking themselves and questioning the leadership.

An article in the LO review summarizes recent events.   Unruly Gathering Ordinance Opposed. A follow up article in the Oregonian provides some interesting perspective, especially in the comments by readers Out of Control  A special thanks to those members that stood up to this effort and opposed such misdirection within our community.

The 2014 election will provide additional opportunity to voice your position.

Please notify all members, contacts and friends.   

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