Friday, March 28, 2014

Another Citizen Voices Concern Over TSP - What is Really Going On?

TO All COLA LO Members,

This week another citizen wrote a detailed article on the Transportation System Plan (TSP).   Its well known citizens and cola members are deeply concerned about the conditions of our roads.

However the article provides very specific concerns about the TSP as proposed.

In the article:  Makes You wonder  the author states that 69% of the spending is on bike paths and trails connecting the city.   The author asks has anyone looked at the usage levels on these or planned for their maintenance?  Are we trading bike paths for streets?

Portland has been accused of spending too much on bike paths and allowing the condition of its streets to degrade.   Many believe it was part of a planned strategy to discourage drivers and encourage both mass transit and bicycle commuting.  

It appears that some $10 million is allocated to "roads to nowhere".  If this is true it clearly is an example of
why citizens appear deeply concerned about the TSP and lack of maintenance of our existing streets.  

Remember, this is an administration that was elected largely based on their promise to improve the condition of streets.   In fact its one of the council goals for 2014.

If true this article presents a stark contrast between planning and the commitment the current administration has made to show citizens a marked improvement in the condition of our streets.  

Only time will tell but an election is on the horizon this fall.

Could the outcome of the 2014 election represent a "pothole"   for the plans of elected officials and the administration?   A lot depends on the performance this year.

Will our streets improve or will Lake Oswego invest the majority of its funds on bike paths and trails over the next few years.   Will streetcar return as many believe?   Lets see if the current council hits the road and walks the talk.

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.  

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