Thursday, February 6, 2014

Councilor Jeff Gudman in Trouble?

To All COAL LO Members,

This week the gloves are beginning to come off in public.    In a letter to the LO review a citizen calls out Councilor Jeff Gudman for his support of the high density Wizer project.    The article can be found at: Monstrous Apartment  and clearly challenges the councilor.

In the article the citizen states:  

"One of your elected officials, Jeff Gudman, is up for re-election this November. This is disturbing, as after looking into his background, we see him chronically backing high-density village plans"


"Re-election is coming up for Mr. Gudman, and I feel that if he does not start to show a change in priority concerning your opinions and the welfare of your city, rather than in his own vendetta, I would suggest you support other candidates to represent you. That is to say, if Mr. Gudman, or any councilor, continues to ignore the citizen’s voices, and decides to support the Wizer project in appeal, perhaps it would be time to elect new faces. Hold your officials accountable to your citizens’ overwhelming voice in opposition to this destiny with disaster."

Its clear that this citizen is mirroring many of the comments heard by COLA members over the past year and what seems to be a growing dissatisfaction with elected officials that claim to be "conservative"  but do not vote accordingly.     

Could 2014 bring another defeat of a sitting city councilor?   Only time will tell but it appears to many councilor Gudman is in trouble.

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