Thursday, December 19, 2013

Is Support for the Current Administration Crumbling?

To All COLA LO Members,

It seems that residents continue to be agitated over decisions made by the current city council.   Across the city many leaders are questioning the stance taken by this administration regarding density and development.   Its a surprising time for many who thought they voted in a council that would implement deep reforms in the direction of local government.  

Many are now asking if they were snookered in the 2012 election? 

Letters to the editor continue to pour in opposing the Wizer's development project.   These letters while consistent only represent a fraction of the actual number of citizens discussing the direction of the city at this time.   

Is support for the new administration crumbling rapidly?  Many believe it is and they are worried about the impact on the 2014 election only 11 months away....

Will the direction currently implemented by this council pave the way for 3 new city councilors.    We think it might well do that given the conversation in the community.  

Many residents are unhappy with the positions taken by several members of the council.    It seems the council has become very pro high density development despite running on a platform to the contrary.   

We are also observing the emergence of voting blocks that surprised many.     It seems councilor O'Neill is not the conservative he represented during the election.   Often voting with Councilors Gustafson and Jordan.     That's disturbed many in the community, including his supporters.  

One recent example is the effort to save the Carman House.   It failed the city council vote 4 to 3. Councilors Gustafson, O'Neil, and Jordan voted to save it. Mayor Studebaker, along with Councilors Bowerman, Huges, and Gudman voted to demolish the last remaining territorial house in Lake Oswego.  This is  just a recent example of the current voting block patterns.  

As more key votes are taken there will be a well developed record of positions for voters to evaluate long before the 2014 election.  

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.  

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