Monday, April 29, 2013

How Will The Race For LO School District Board Turn Out?

To All COLA LO Members,

This year the LOSD election will grab the main stage in May as the LOSD Board has three open seats of the five members on the board.   

Its an interesting election as turnout is often low in May and in off years with rates expected in the 28-32% range.   Given the school closures of the past year many parents are unsettled about the direction of the district and its overall transparency on financial issues.   

Two of the three seats up for election are contested with candidates presenting dissimilar views on the overall direction for the district.    Only 30% of households in LO have children in the school district as opposed to 70% that no longer have school age children.    This metric also impacts voter participation.    

COLA board members and advisory board members have evaluated candidates over the last two elections for LOSD and have also evaluated financials etc. Its not widely known that the LO School District has a larger budget than the City of Lake Oswego.  Its impact on property taxes in general is quite high within the city and the district boundaries.   

COLA board members, advisory board members, and others are attending candidate forums and presentations to evaluate all the candidates and their positions.  

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.  


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  1. How does one go about appraising the level and effectiveness of LOSD budgets when few know that budget exceeds the LO City budget. The progressives in this town spend, or advocate the spending of money like there is no limit. And as one digs deep into education budgets, many times it turns out budget growth actually an offering to the OEA.

    What is the LOSD budget per student? How has the number changed over the last 15 years? What have real budget growth rates, if any, done to LOSD test scores? How much do teachers make?

    I want to know, and I am sure others do. Especially with some of the more outrageous spending proposals and actuals by people like Judie Hammerstad and Jack Hoffman, Ellie McPeak, Donna Jordan, and the other elite.


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