Saturday, March 30, 2013

Local Blogger Provides More Insight Into New Group

To All COLA LO Members,

Today a local blogger provided more perspective on the new group forming in LO and their position on issues.   

In Twist Those Rules the blogger is stating that its no longer an issue of political perspective but partisanship according to the founding members.    

Both of the former city councilors have accepted campaign funds from a partisan organization in their campaigns over the years but its now becoming evident that the effort behind the new political group may be clearly partisan.

So only after the election do we learn the real intent of former councilors and their efforts?   

Some of the online comments from citizens include: 

"This claim is as dishonest as the rest of their anti-voter agenda that got their majority tossed.
The fact is the new council majority was brought about by a healthy bipartisan uprising.
There is nothing "right wing" about the new mayor or council. If these losers think the way to recovering their power is by telling more tall tales they are even bigger fools than the election demonstrated. Their streetcar/urban renewal/ big debt agenda was soundly  beaten on it's lack of merit. "

"More fiction from the transit oriented development/urban renewal crowd that was booted out last November. Remember that Bill Tierney was the only incumbent running in the last election and that he flipped on the streetcar a year ago because he knew he couldn't get re-elected as a streetcar proponent. Voters gave him the boot anyway. Now he just sounds like a sore loser. Tierney is also part of the Keep Lake Oswego Great (KLOG) PAC that are reconstituting themselves as the Coalition for Lake Oswego and putting out the same phony story line about the right wing takeover. As one of the many, many self respecting Lake Oswego Democrats who worked so hard last election to get the arrogant Regional Vision cabal out of power I say "Keep Tyranny Out Of Politics"

"If I don’t want a street car, high rise condos subsidized by the city or Metro telling us what we can do in our own backyards, I guess that make me a right wing zealot. "

Its pretty clear that many residents and members don't buy the "hard right wing" statements made by founding members of the new political group because of their history in the community. 

 Please notify all members, contacts, and friends...


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