Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oregonian Implies Endorsements by LOCAL PAC are Partisan!

To All COLA LO Members,

This past week the Oregonian announced that all the endorsements by a PAC were Republican.   The PAC is non-partisan but the Oregonian identifies all their endorsements as Republican in a non partisan race?

Many in the community believe that the story is a direct attempt to "out"  candidates and try to make the election a partisan event because the candidates are not a traditional slate that may have been approved by the Oregonian.  

Its an interesting dynamic and being widely discussed in the community right now.    Is the Oregonian playing favorites or is it just another attempt to drum up news?    Only time will tell and the story can be found at LO PAC Announces all R endorsements.     Its only the second mention of partisanship when a letter to the editor of the LO Review endorsed a specific candidate stating  he was a member of a specific party like most of LO.

Has the Oregonian's direct intervention into a local race made this election partisan?    Did they draw "first blood" to tarnish the endorsement?   These are all questions being asked in the community right now.   Are they being influenced by outside political forces?   Residents are wondering and will be throughout the election cycle is it all just more "media bias" we continue to hear about from many commentators?  .  

The article has drawn explanations of the endorsements and more details form the PAC.   A follow up article can be found at PAC Explains Endorsement - Partisan?.   

We will be taking a look at which candidates are actually accepting funds form parties or elected officials of parties in a future post.    We will look at all the candidates to determine if their funding is partisan or if this is just another effort to stir up controversy. 

Please forward to all members, contacts, and friends.  

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