Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BIG Changes in Campaign Contributions to Council Candidates!

To All COLA LO Members,

Big changes in the race for your campaign contributions to win election to our city council. It's time to update ourselves on the supporters for  the various candidates for City Council and Mayor.

There are now only 56+ days away.

Who is winning the fundraising race and who is supporting the candidates?  

So far the council and Mayoral fundraising races are clearly being won by two candidates:

And the winners are:

City Council:

Skip O'Neill ID 15855 has raised almost $13k, most of this has been in the form of loans but now cash contributions from individuals are kicking in and he has clearly out raised all the council candidates.  

He is employing a strategy of early self financing his campaign with long term  support from individual residents and the fireman's local PAC. Those individual contributions have kicked in and hes clearly distanced himself in the race. He also has a $8K cash balance to spend on the final months of the race.    

Bill Tierney Summary   ID 13233  Who has raised nearly $4K from contributions mainly from utilities, developers, a political party, and local business owners.  His effort is followed closely by Dan Williams ID 14655  who has raised nearly $4k from the fireman's local PAC, a business executive, and individuals.  
 Jon Gustafson ID 15868  follows closely behind with $3K.  


MayorGreg Macpherson Committee ID 15485  Who has raised an incredible $36K with contributions mainly from attorneys, consultants, state elected officials, political consultants, and individuals. 

The remaining candidates have very limited or no finance activity and can be found at:

Kent Studebaker Committee id 15861 for mayor has raised $5k from Physicians, attorneys, and one city councilor.  Karen Bowerman  ID 15921 and  Terry Jordan  ID 15933  have no finance activity.  

Is a limited group of candidates running away with the election at an early stage in the race?  Its a question all resident should be asking themselves as we evaluate the efforts of all candidates. 

We will continue to update members on the fundraising activities of both candidates and PAC's including a detailed analysis of PAC supporters later in the election cycle.   

 Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.  

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