Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blogger Identifies the Next Big LO Project to Increase your Fees/Taxes!

To All COLA LO Members,

This week a local blogger identified the next big major investment project that will increase the debt of LO residents.   Its the Wastewater treatment plant which will be promoted as needing modification or replacement to enhance the foothills project.   

The City currently has $16 million in reserve funds to begin to evaluate the plant but its not enough to address the anticipated plans of the current  council.    

 The blog article can be found at:  LO Pump Station

Some of the online comments are very interesting.    They include:

Yeah, a park that rail mafia member and former Mayor Judie Hammerstad had built and named for herself, in anticipation of her Foothills development and streetcar "vision."
And a vote for Greg Macpherson will be a vote for the return of the streetcar, more urban renewal slush funds for developers, and a continuance of the Judie Hammerstad and Jack Hoffman "new urban" agenda for Lake Oswego. Macpherson was hand picked to run for Mayor by Judie Hammerstad after she deep-sixed Jack's re-election plans because he was on a fast track to losing big-time. Macpherson may have a less arrogant and obnoxious personality, but his policies will be just as detrimental to Lake Oswegans. Count on it. Posted by realitybasedliberal | June 4, 2012 3:22 PM

Sounds to me like LO is being "guided" towards giving up its independence and autonomy to Portland.

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  1. You can not have cake & eat it too.
    The Foothill developer, the City of Lake Oswego Mayor and his supporting council members claimed that only about $7 million "investment" in initial infrastructure for the Foothill development is needed -then the property taxes generated in the Foothill area will pay for additional infrastructure needed in the Foothill area. So, if the property taxes are already committed to the new infrastructure in the Foothill area, where is the money for the Wastewater treatment plant coming from?


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