Monday, March 28, 2011

PAC is behind the support for Vehicle Registration Fee Increase

To all COLA LO members:

A new PAC is behind support for the new Clackamas County Vehicle Registration Fee increase which will transfer $21 million from Clackamas County residents to Multnomah county to pay for the Sellwood bridge.

The name of the PAC is:   Clackamas County Citizens for Jobs and Safety.

The details can be found at:

A review of the transaction history shows that most of the contributors are from outside Clackamas County and awith some of the contributors as follows:dvocating for a tax increase on residents to promote a project inside their county.   These include:

1.  Oregon AFSCME                                         $5,000  (Union PAC, Salem)
2.  CH2M Hill                                                    $2,500  (Engineering firm, Portland)
3.  Jeff Cogen                                                 $2,500  (Mult. Co. Commissioner PAC, Portland)
4.  T.Y Lin Int'l                                                 $2,500  (Engineering firm, Beaverton)
5.  CenterCal Properties, LLC                           $2,500  (Developer, Tigard)
6.  Oregonians to Maintain Comm Standards     $2,500  (Trade Union Pac, Portland)
7.  Harper, Houf, Peterson & Righellis                $1,250  (Engineering firm, Portland)
8.  NW Oregon Labor Council                            $1000  (Union PAC, Portland)
9.  Michelle Giguere                                          $1000  (federal lobbyist, Portland)
10. HDR Engineering                                         $1000  (Engineering firm, Portland)

Please inform your fellow members and contacts.   

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