Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What Will Metro's Population Forecast Do to Lake Oswego?

To All COLA LO Members,

This week the Oregonian published an article indicating that METRO forecasts Portland will grow by 750,000 people over the next 20 years nearly reaching the 3 million mark.    It is similar to an estimate made in the decade of 1990 when METRO estimated growth of 500,000.  

What many may have missed is Metro's emphasis on REDEVELOPMENT  to manage this growth over the next two decades.   That's right it translates into "high density" development given the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB)  limitations.  

The article can be found at:   Big Growth = Higher density?

Many believe this forecast and the method now being used by METRO will make Lake Oswego a higher density community.   Those same residents now believe this will drive projects like the Wizer Block 137 and the eventual return of both Streetcar & Foothills to Lake Oswego.  

Is the writing on the wall? Its hard to believe this is required in a community with population growth of 0.3% per year over the last decade.   In fact it isn't required for Lake Oswego but the solution is really more about diluting our community character to accommodate growth in other cities within Portland.  

Will the forecast drive decisions that change our community?  Only time will tell....Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.  

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  1. Managing growth is ultimately like managing cancer. People are in denial of Earth's finite nature, especially when money can be made from growth, Ponzi scheme style. The economy thrives on more and more people making stuff and buying stuff from more and more people. There's no intrinsic value to ever-increasing consumption and nature is continually destroyed by it. But, again, money can be made while the party lasts, and that's all that matters to most people.


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