Thursday, November 14, 2013

Citizens are Now Questioning the Council on their Election Promises?

To All COLA LO Members,

Its all now out in the open!!!

As most of us know there has been a growing number of members and residents that have been questioning the actions of several council members.    Its been coming from a broad variety of interest groups and residents for many months.   Many are asking if this is really the council they voted for under the mantle of "change".   

Well this week it seems the gloves are now being taken off and citizens are publicly stating the common concern expressed in hushed tones in many corridors, throughout the city of Lake Oswego.   

This week a citizen published an article that clearly challenges the council to meet their promises.  

In STOP THIS......You Promised a resident makes specific challenges to the administration and the council.    they include the following:

  • Mayor Studebaker, here are your words: “I am committed to preserving ... Lake Oswego” and to “prevent high density infill.”
  • Mr. Mayor, you said on July 11, 2012, “Lake Oswego is a great place, I’d like to make sure we maintain that quality and character of the town. This is a wonderful town, which can move forward in a way that the majority of citizens can embrace.”
  • This council believes it knows better than its constituents what is best for our city. Over and over citizens stated we want to maintain our village character calling for two- or three-story buildings.
  • Mr. Mayor and council, we put you in office because you pledged that you would protect LO from high density and preserve LO’s character. Your constituents do not consider this to be a frivolous matter that will be forgotten. We vote

Its been clear to many members that the political capital gained by this council since the 2012 election has been slowly evaporating and many couldn't understand the direction of priorities imposed since the year began.   Now its become public and it will be interesting to see if the council pivots or continues on its merry way.  

Only time will tell but its clear that 12 months before an election, the electorate isn't as happy as many thought they would be. 

 The reasons why are very clear after only one year under the current administration and what many perceive as not meeting the commitments upon which several officials were elected. 

The question is will another year lead to another dramatic change on the council?   Will citizens begin to famously say in public the lines often pictured in this graphic?

Please notify all members contacts and friends.  

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