Friday, October 18, 2013

Is the Wizer Block The New WEB?

To All COLA LO Members.

Over the past two Months residents have observed the city council deliberate and enter into an agreement to redevelop the Wizer block.    Debate hasn't been very spirited initially which surprised many given the size of the development and its potential impact on the downtown area.

 In large part this may be due to the absence of involvement by the very engaged groups on the west side of Lake Oswego which is the geographic center of LO.  

However after approval of the agreement and subsequent investment by the city of a whopping $5-6 million in taxpayer funds, it seems the downtown neighborhoods are waking up.   

A new group has formed called "save our village".   It appears they are engaging aggressively in opposition to the project.   Details can be found in Opposition to Wizer Block.  

Leaders of Save Our Village include Lita Schiel Grigg, Leslie Pirrotta and Tana Haynes.    it will be interesting to see if they can substantially impact the development or if its essentially a done deal as many perceive at this point with the city investing millions in funds.    

Many residents are now questioning the nature of this city council given they were elected as a "reform" council specifically to limit spending on high density urban renewal projects.   

Will these decisions have an impact on the 2014 election in only 13 months?  We think so but only time will tell.  

Please notify all members contacts and friends. 

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