Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wizers to Become Massive Development with $5 million in Taxpayer Funds!

To All COLA LO members,

Last night the city council voted 6-0 to approve a development agreement to redevelop the Wizer block with $ 5million in taxpayer funds.   The development will support 228 apartment/condo units in the core of downtown LO.  

Its a $90 million project with $5 million in  city (LORA) support.    Residents were generally against the size of the development and concerned about its impact on the "village"  concept downtown.    Yet the council voted to support the development with millions in support.  

Details can be found at Massive Redevelopment of Wizer Block.

Does this decision represent a change in the focus of the city council?   Only time will tell but it certainly will change downtown Lake Oswego and have an impact on property values..   

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.    

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  1. This is indeed a huge development project has been approved by city council. There is must be an impact will hit upon village concept. But overall Wizer block will look totally different after redevelopment. I hope in the end best decision will remain for better future of people and city as well. Thanks.
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