Friday, December 7, 2012

Voter Turnout Confirms LO Actively Engaged in 2012 Election.

To All COLA LO Members,

Yesterday the Secretary of State released information on the voter participation rates statewide.   There were some surprising results buried at the local level.   

COLA volunteers actively participated in this election and the data confirms what many of us observed during the final weeks of the race.  

We had our analysts review the data to summarize it for the community:

  1. Clackamas county had a 83.9% participation rate.   However R voters participated at 88.3% while D voters were at 86.8%   Non Affiliated voters trailed both parties at 72.9%
  2. House District 38 which is mostly LO and Southwest Portland had very similar results.  Total at 88.4% with R 91.3%, D 90.5, and Non affiliated at 81.4%  
  3. Senate District 19 which includes Tualatain,  LO , West Linn, and Southwest Portland had very similar results. Total at 87.6% with R 90.8%, D 89.9, and Non affiliated at 79.6%  
As many COLA volunteers know the non affiliated voters seemed to stay home until the very last day of the election.    The statistics confirm this as their participation rates substantially trail the affiliated voters in all areas.  

While not all details on the participation rate for Lake Oswego have been released we do know that the participation rate was 88.3%  in total or almost 5% higher than the rate for Clackamas County.  

Its likely that the trends will be even higher for Lake Oswego in terms of very high partisan turnout and non affiliated voters trailing the partisan voters but with less of a margin as compared to the county.

Please notify all members, contacts, and friends.  


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