Monday, July 30, 2012

LOPD Investigates LOCAL Business Owner Sign Complaint?

To All COLA LO Members,

We have received a number of emails and calls regarding a local business owner placing a sign in his window which stirred controversy.    It seems the sign offended a resident who called the LOPD.  

Ironically the LOPD investigated the incident and a photo was placed in the local paper and the police blotter.   

No doubt this stirred some serious concern about "thought police" within the community and free speech.

 It stirred so much controversy that it appears that the incident was the subject of a local radio show host last week.  The details can be found here Lake Oswego Sign.

We were inundated by emails and calls from members last week regarding this controversy.   

Unfortunately the last thing Lake Oswego needs is more divisive controversy and absence of  common sense.    Board members confirmed the details on the sign this weekend and also that the business owner has supported COLA endorsed candidates in past elections. 

The issue has also been picked up by other blogs Sign.  

Please notify all members, contacts and friends of this latest issue.   

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