Sunday, January 30, 2011

Will Tierney,Hoffman, Moncrieff Raise your taxes or cut your services to pay for LOSD?

To All Cola LO members,

Mayor Jack Hoffman is proposing to either raise a city income tax of 1% for all residents or to transfer over $1 million to the LOSD from core city services.    Either option will reduce the quality of life for residents in Lake Oswego.

This comes at a time when the City Finance Director forecasts the city will not have sufficient funds to maintain its existing staff and resources in 2013.   Interestingly this information only came out AFTER the council elections in November.

Senior residents are commenting frequently on the water fee increases and poor condition of roads despite substantial funding to repair our streets.   The increasing burden of taxes and fees on our fixed income residents is especially burdensome.   Lake Oswego continues to be the second most mature community in Oregon with a growing demand for different services due to the aging of the community.

Please notify all members and have them observe the votes of these council members.   All of them are up for re-election in 2012.   

Donna Jordan Questions abiltiy of City to help LOSD and asks for Foundation Assistance

TO all COLA LO Members,

Councilor Donna Jordan wrote an opinion piece for the LO review last week seriously questioning the councils legal authority and ability to provide additional funds for LOSD. 

She also now openly acknowledges that the city can no longer afford its staff level and resources after 2013 as per forecasts from the City's financial director.  

Her statements include:

The city doesn’t have that amount of money. Our financial forecasts show expenditures exceeding revenues for existing services by 2013. As we begin the 2011-12 budget meetings, the city will be looking to reduce costs and eliminate services. Some councilors are proclaiming that we can find savings in our current budget. Given our revenue projections, I believe that it is disingenuous to suggest, if found, this is money that can go to the schools.

I question whether I have the right, as a city councilor, to turn millions of city dollars over to the school district, regardless of the source of the revenue. I was elected to serve all the citizens of the city and provide municipal services – police, fire, water, street maintenance, etc. The council will support the schools at some level, but it may be counter-productive to tie the hands of those who govern the schools with speculative ideas about city financial help. If the council authorized an income tax, for example, I believe it would be referred to the voters or litigated. Where will that leave the school board in its planning process?

Councilor Jordan claimed she heard the message from the recent elections.   Then backed away from a pledge toward being more fiscally conservative when she took the oath of office.   Is their an actual change occurring now?  We will see with her actual votes on the council...

please notify all members and contacts.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Oregonian does an interesting exposé on South Waterfront (Foothills?)

To all COLA LO Members,

The Oregonian did an interesting exposé on the South Waterfront Development last week. Could this be the future of the Foothills development with Streetcar? We have already allocated $1.3 million to study the development.

Here is the article:

Please notify all contacts and members.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jack Hoffman proposes 1% income tax on city residents to fund LO schools

Mayor Jack Hoffman and members of the city council continue to propose ever increasing taxes and fees on Lake Oswego residents.

Jack Hoffman has proposed a 1% income tax to make up for a deficit in the budget of LO schools. This is after the city has released information that it may not be able to support its existing staffing levels after 2013.  

The City and LO School District are separate governmental entities but LOSD is now requesting that the city make up for its budget deficit. Jack Hoffman has proposed an INCOME TAX on all Lake Oswego residents despite the fact that only 24% of residents have children enrolled in the schools and 76% of residents without children in LOSD, pay additional property taxes to support the school system.

Please advise all members and friends.    

Streetcar hearing & Councilor Jeff Gudman provides cost estimate in LO Review article.

To All Cola LO Members,

On Monday, January 24th, we will have a unique opportunity as citizens to have our voices heard, at a public hearing before the Project's Steering Committee.  Every key decision maker from the various local governments will be there and testimony will  be included as part of the official record that is sent to the Federal Transit Authority.

The hearing details are:  Monday, January 24th, 5 - 8 pm.  Lakewood Center for the Arts 368 S. State Street, Lake Oswego.

City Councilor Jeff Gudman who was endorsed by COLA LO has also provided a guest opinion in the LO Review this week on the Streetcar. The article provides some very detailed analysis on the actual costs of the streetcar project.  It can be found at:

Please notify friends and members.  

Friday, January 14, 2011

COLA LO Board member Guest Opinion published in the Lake Oswego Review

To ALL COLA LO Members,

Board Member Dave Berg submitted a guest opinion to the Lake Oswego Review. The article asks "how much can the city afford" and proposes that all new major project approvals require a city wide vote. It discusses the impact of projects on our quality of life and financial issues.

The article can be found at

Please notify all members.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lake Oswego Review admits "new game in town"

TO All COLA LO Members,

The LO Review issued an editorial today admitting there is a new game in town in Lake Oswego. Its a well drafted article indicating the impact of this key election and the new council.

Unfortunately it omits the fact that the LO Review did not endorse any of the three candidates endorsed by COLA including both Mike Kehoe and Jeff Gudman.
Details can be found at:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

COLA LO Board members & group members attend City Council ceremony for new Councilors Jeff Gudman and Mike Kehoe

To All COLA LO Members,

Your board members attended the oath of office ceremony for new councilors Mike Kehoe and Jeff Gudman on Tuesday 1/4/11. Many COLA LO members from the advisory board and the group attended the ceremony in a show of support for the two endorsed councilors and also candidate Dan Williams.  

Videos of the ceremony and interviews are posted on our YouTube channel. Also in attendance were several former councilors and former Senator Bob Packwood.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oregonian says Kehoe & Gudman are ready!

To all COLA LO Members,

The Oregonian released an article on our two new Councilors this week in its SW section. The article can be found online at:

Please review and notify others.
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