Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jack Hoffman proposes 1% income tax on city residents to fund LO schools

Mayor Jack Hoffman and members of the city council continue to propose ever increasing taxes and fees on Lake Oswego residents.

Jack Hoffman has proposed a 1% income tax to make up for a deficit in the budget of LO schools. This is after the city has released information that it may not be able to support its existing staffing levels after 2013.  

The City and LO School District are separate governmental entities but LOSD is now requesting that the city make up for its budget deficit. Jack Hoffman has proposed an INCOME TAX on all Lake Oswego residents despite the fact that only 24% of residents have children enrolled in the schools and 76% of residents without children in LOSD, pay additional property taxes to support the school system.

Please advise all members and friends.    

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